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Is Buddhism a religion?

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BuddingBuddha 30 Dec 2013

I often see discussions about whether Buddhism is a religion. What do you people think about it?


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gices 30 Dec 2013

I personally think it's not worth the debate. What good will it bring to classify Buddhism and finally have everyone agree that okay, it belongs to this category?

You see the human mind processes only logic and wants explanation for everything. It wants the truth but it has to be convinced first and sometimes, that may not be an easy thing to do. If the arguments are correct, you can even make people believe in a lie.

An apple is a fruit and if tomorrow we change that name to Tomato, it doesn't become a vegetable. It will always stay an apple with all its fruit-like qualities.

It is useless to debate what-is because a fact will not change when being labelled as something else.

Buddhism is a way of living, to become selfless. What more do we need?

believer 30 Dec 2013

I suppose it doesn't matter at an individual level but more for large groups of people to know what exactly they are following.

sarah_7 30 Oct 2019

No buddhism is a lifestyle not a religion. They try to become good human beings on their own not because some imaginary guy told them to.