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Why does God let bad things happen to good people?

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believer 30 Dec 2013

Sometimes I just feel like God is sitting on his throne and just watching good people suffer. I've known people who've never done anything bad in their life, who've helped others but still bad things have happened (or is happening) to them.

Why such injustice? It isn't fair that people who are good in nature have to endure so much pain, face difficulties at each step and yet those who should be punished are having it easy.

What's the logic in that?


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sarah_7 30 Oct 2019

alot of bad things have happened to good people under the name of god

gices 30 Dec 2013

I remember something I've read on a website:

A man walks into a hospital and hears a woman screaming in pain. He is outraged by the people outside her room because they are chatting and laughing and don't seem bothered by her agony. He shouts at them but is then told they are her family and she is having a baby which explains why they are happy.

The moral of the story is if we know the reason for the suffering of others, then we can no longer be compassionate.

If you see a man sleeping on the pavement in the cold but know he used to beat his wife a lot before, are you going to feel sorry for him? You won't because you already know he's being punished for his mistakes. He's paying for his bad karma and that's a good enough reason for us to ignore his pain.

The moment we can explain why bad things are happening to people, we are satisfied. We can walk away without feeling an ounce of regret, without any sympathy. He deserves it, good for him!

But when the reasons are not known and we see suffering, we are touched. It hurts us. We don't want others to suffer. We want to be able to do something for them, to alleviate their pain.

And that's what we should do nevertheless. Instead of searching for reasons why bad things are happening, we should just help however and whenever we can. The reason may or may not be justified, it does not matter though because the pain is real.

Maybe God sent us to make their pain a bit less...