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What's your greatest fear in life?

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gices 17 Mar 2014

What scares you the most?


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Consciousness 30 Mar 2014

For me, being alone in a bad situation is more of a worry than a fear. I think it’s because, as long as you’re in society, there will very likely be someone to help you. Extremes come out of people during hard times. And for what I have seen so far, goodness seems to be prevailing although people seem a bit shy (afraid?) to show their goodness while bad actions and thoughts, are much more ‘advertised’ and more easily catches people’s attention.

I don’t seem to have one great fear, but a multitude of small ones which come and go. Getting older not having done what I should be doing at each stage of my life is one. I’m not talking about achievements which have been developed by society to make you feel successful or not, but simply being in touch with things that one feels from deep inside. According to my experience, material achievements are quite compelling especially when one’s younger. But, a lot of these achievements may look meaningless when you’re at another stage of your life.

As for your fears, Gices, in a bad situation, perhaps planning and thinking clearly will alleviate some of that fear away (?)

gices 30 Mar 2014

Thanks for the elaborate reply @Conciousness. My fear of being alone probably stems from an acknowledgement that the human body is weak and at some point in life will require external help. The mind's primary concern is for the survival of the self and the self cannot exist without a body, hence the fear I described shows my attachment to a material view of the world, though I'm trying to let go and move more into spiritualism.

You have raised an interesting point when you said people tend to notice bad deeds more than goodness. There are too many egos and people are quick to criticise others as that makes them feel better about themselves. It's hard to accept someone is more "good" than you but easier to find mistakes in others. Anyway, that's for another discussion.

In my opinion, if you're worrying about any kind of achievement within a set time frame, then you're more concerned about the destination than the journey itself. Society has planned it all - school, work, marriage, kids and during that time acquire as many luxuries you can get your hands on. Then when you've enjoyed all this and you're now closer to your deathbed, you go deep into spirituality. Perhaps then, we could say you have achieved both materialistically and spiritually too.

What I'm trying to say is you should let go of any plans, any dreams which make you miserable in the present. The funny thing about letting go is that when you're no longer thinking about it, it happens.

sarah_7 30 Oct 2019

'' living alone when I'm sick or when I'm too old.'' thats my definition of a perfect life for me.

gices 17 Mar 2014

I should probably start by telling you mine - what frightens me the most is to be living alone and not being able to look after myself when I'm sick or when I'm too old.

It comforts me to know there are people around me who will take care of me if something bad was to happen to me but to think that I'm by myself and a situation arises where I cannot take care of myself gets me really anxious.