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Why is it so easy to point out mistakes in others than recognising goodness?

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gices 30 Mar 2014

Whenever someone does something stupid, people are quick to ridicule that person. If it was something bad (from a society's view), people do not waste time to judge. However, when there's an act of goodness, if there's recognition at all, the crowd is always smaller. Why is that in your opinion?


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sarah_7 30 Oct 2019

some peole's happiness is the sorrow of others

gices 30 Oct 2019

It seems this way. The people who belittle others feel good about themselves because essentially when there are judging you (mostly negative criticism), they are claiming they don't do those same mistakes and therefore are better than you and that releases the good hormone in their body making them happy.

sarah_7 31 Oct 2019

I've been told so many names and so many insults. Whenever i see people like that even in frendship, i start ignoring them until they don't form part in my life. People like that make me feel unwell and stressed. Everything is a restless drama. Some people never change and i'm too old to deal with them