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As a spiritual person, will you date someone who isn't spiritual

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sarah_7 23 Dec 2019

What's determines a deal breaker for you? What makes such a relationship compatible/incompatible for you? How much does family expectation influence you in decision making. I have previously asked people of a different set of thoughts so now I'm curious about those following spirituality.


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gices 27 Dec 2019

Some differences can be put aside, some cannot. It depends on how much importance a person gives to the difference in question.

A person can be a christian but does not feel the need to go to church every Sunday. Another christian may value the Sunday mass more and will therefore want someone who understands his passion so that they are on the same wavelength and in sync with their lifestyle.

If spirituality is something I'm deeply into, I would want to be able to have regular conversations on this topic with my partner. Otherwise I'd be talking to other people who understands my passion better. It's conversation that ties people together, otherwise couples drift apart.

I'd like my family to approve of my choice but I don't need their consent. It's my life, I shall live it my way because my happiness does not lie in someone else's hands, be it my own family.

sarah_7 27 Dec 2019

Wow it's so unexpected. I once asked this question to people without any faith, they told me that the difference would be incompatible, one said he would try with someone spiritual and most were basically flat no. A few would accept Christian's as long as they dont try to impose their way.

gices 27 Dec 2019

If someone is both spiritual and also a vegan and they meet someone who is none of those two, then they'd face a dilemma. If they just cannot stand the sight of meat in their cookery at home, then maybe that would be the deal breaker for them instead of spirituality.

The emphasis I was making in my previous reply was on how important something is to a person and that varies between individuals.

sarah_7 30 Dec 2019

I've noticed that in mauritius a person's faith determines their whole life