Privacy Policy

The following provides details about our Privacy Policy. This policy only applies to Clever Dodo website and not to the websites of other companies, individuals or organisations to which we provide links.

Personal Data We Hold About You
Currently we store only your email address and username. This is to protect your privacy and ensure that other people cannot sign on to the site in your name without your permission. Clever Dodo may request further personal information in the future in order to improve our website and services.

Updating Your Personal Details
We utilise a personal profile page at the 'Log In' page, which enables you to update your personal information at any time. This allows us to maintain accurate and up to date personal data. Once logged in you can edit your profile there.

Unsubscribing from Our Newsletter
To unsubscribe from our newsletter, please visit your profile page and click on "Edit Preferences" and untick the "Subscribe to newsletter" tickbox. Once unticked you must confirm your change by scrolling down the page and clicking the submit button. Once your change is saved you should no longer receive the Clever Dodo Newsletter. Alternatively you can click the "unsubscribe" link found in all our email newsletters.

Unsubscribing From A Topic
To stop receiving email updates to a topic you've subscribed to, you should click the unsubscribe link in the email alerts.

Cookies are small files that are placed on your computer by your browser. We use them to save information that helps you - for example to save you entering your personal details every time you re-visit the site. The cookies contain no personal details about you. You can disable cookies by changing your browser preferences, but may find you have to enter the same information over and over again if you use a personalised part of the service regularly.

Third Party Cookies
Clever Dodo works with several partners to directly or indirectly serve advertisements to the site. Adverts are an important way of providing revenue to Clever Dodo, which is completely free at the point of use. Advertising cookies do not contain personal details such as your name, telephone number or address. They may however be used for re-targeting campaigns and assuring you are not displayed adverts more than a certain number of times per session. We believe that relevant and interesting adverts are important for maintaining site quality.

Examples of cookies used on the site is the Google DART cookies which users can opt out of.

Changes To Our Privacy Policy
We will let you know by making any alterations clear on this page.

Account Deletion
Please make all requests for deleting your account through our contact form. Your registration details, profile, and any private messages will be permanently removed from our servers. Posts will made anonymous but will be removed at our discretion and with respect to avoiding harm to privacy.