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How can I return a product to B&Q if I've lost the receipt?

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groovychick 28 Nov 2016

I bought something from B&Q but I need to return it. The problem is that I can't find the receipt. Is there a way for me to get a refund without the receipt?

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gices 28 Nov 2016

Yep, you can.

I bought 2 angle brackets from B&Q before which were around £8.50 for the pair. Back home when I tried them, it was not working as I expected. So I decided to return them.

One week later, when I finally found the time to go back to B&Q, I couldn't find the receipt. I looked everywhere, checked every pocket and bags but it was no where to be found. I was doing a lot of DIY and it probably got misplaced I think.

Anyway, I went onto Internet Banking and printed out transactions for the last 2 weeks. At the return/exchange counter, I told the lady I lost my receipt and she said she would be able to find the transaction by looking up the date they were purchased against the barcode of the items. I didn't really need the bank statement but I think it was very helpful to prove I did actually make the purchase at that particular store.

I got my money back on the bank card I used. So don't worry about the receipt, just bring the product back and you'll get your refund.