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DIY Tooth Filling

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gices anonymous_2

If you're lucky enough to have an NHS dentist should an emergency arise where you need a filling replacing, you won't be left with a huge dent in your wallet. If however you cannot get NHS dental treatment, then you will have no choice but to see a private dentist who can charge astronomical prices.

tooth filling

How much is a tooth filling

There are two types of tooth filling - the first is a non-white filling usually made of silver which is the cheapest option. The second is a white filling made of a synthetic resin; white fillings are also classed as cosmetic and are usually done privately and cost much more than the silver ones.

NHS dentist prices are fixed and changed by the department of health usually every year. The current cost for a small non-white filling with an NHS dentist is £45.60. A white filling done privately will set you back £100 or more per tooth and private dentistry prices can vary a lot.

Do-It-Yourself teeth filling

If you're feeling the pinch, you may want to try to fix the filling yourself - it's not complicated and you can buy a kit that contains everything you need. A DIY tooth filling kit usually consists of a mixing pot, a powder and a liquid. All you have to do is mix the powder and the liquid to form a resin and fill in the tooth with the supplied tools. The filling will be white and unnoticeable to others at a fraction of the cost.

With proper care and oral hygiene, the filling could last years. Most dentists do not recommend this but the fees they currently charge are ridiculous so if you can save some money you may as well give it try a try. Of course there are some things which you can do by yourself and others which you can't and will need to seek professional help but if you can get a diy tooth filling kit over the counter, then it must have gone through rigorous testing to make sure that they are suitable for what they are intended to do and are safe to use as well, otherwise they wouldn't be allowed to be sold at pharmacists. The filling kit for tooth costs around £5 and it's not much different than the one which you get at a private dentist.

If you have applied the tooth filling loosely, then it may come out in a few weeks or months and you will have to do the whole process again. Remember to avoid sticky food like toffee because they will make your tooth filling come out easily and if it does come out, then you will still have not lost a lot of money and can get another done which will hopefully last a bit longer this time.

gices Published 06 Jan 2010
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anonymous_2 09 Nov 2019

How to look after your teeth properly?

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gices 09 Nov 2019

Dental hygiene is extremely important for your health and your self esteem as well. It is not a very good sight if you have yellow stained teeth and can be really unpleasant if you have bad breath. People will try to avoid you and you're going to feel really bad eventually. So it is important that you look after your teeth properly.

  1. Brush your teeth twice a day
    Brushing your teeth just before you go to bed and in the morning when you wake up will prevent plaque from forming. Use an electric toothbrush as this will clean your teeth better than a normal toothbrush.

  2. Use a mouthwash
    After you've brushed your teeth, you should use a mouthwash as this will give you additional protection against plaque and freshen your breath as well. You might feel a burning sensation when you use a mouthwash but don't rinse your mouth with water after you've used the mouthwash. Just let it be!

  3. Flossing
    Flossing should ideally be done everyday but if you can't, then try to floss a couple of times a week. You will see that there are food pieces that get stuck in between your teeth which cannot be removed by brushing alone. This is why you need to floss, otherwise it's those pieces of food which will contribute to plaque afterwards.

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Peaches 09 Nov 2019

Did you know that there are certain foods that can cause damage to teeth such as fizzy drinks, tea and coffee. Foods that have also been dyed can also cause damage and erosion.

Brush at least twice a day morning and evening, if you have fizzy drinks or sweets try to brush after eating them too.

Floss as much as possible, in between meals, a few times a week etc

Use an electric toothbrush, its cleaning power is much better than a manual toothbrush!

Use a good toothpaste

Try and use mouthwash everyday or at least a few times a week

Last of all go for regular check ups, twice a year if possible

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sarah_7 12 Dec 2019

i once went somewhere with several foreighers. The host gave a juice. I saw it weird that none could finish the small glass. Turns out the juice tasted like mouthwash.

KimberlyJones 09 Nov 2019

Where to buy Do-It-Yourself Tooth Filling kit?

So does anyone have a link to a website where I can buy this DIY Tooth Filling kit? I certainly can't afford the dentist and really wanted to try this plastic tooth filling kit. The regular DenTemp just doesn't cut it. Someone please help!

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Peach_2 09 Nov 2019

I'm afraid buying online will just cost more when you add the price of delivery on it. How about trying the local shops such as Boots, Superdrug and surprisingly pound shops.

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anonymous_2 09 Nov 2019

Where can I buy a temporary tooth filling kit from? I live in Oldham, Lancashire, I have tried boots, to no avail.

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Peach_2 09 Nov 2019

Most larger Boots store do have the DIY tooth filling kit, so maybe where you went was a smaller Boots store. Other than Boots you could try Superdrug, supermarkets, pound shops and bargain shops should also have them. If you can try searching on the internet as you could find really good kits at a cheaper price or for more than one tooth.

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Joanna_1 09 Nov 2019

Where can I buy a tooth filling kit from?

Where can I buy a temporary tooth filling kit from? I live in Oldham, Lancashire, I have tried boots, to no avail.

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